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Home-School Agreement


The link between home and school is vital. Here at Grangetown, we work very hard to foster positive relationships with all parents and carers. We aim to involve parents in the life of the school, and we keep them well informed about their child's progress.

Our Home-School Agreement contributes to the positive links we have with our families. The Agreement sets out, in brief, the key responsibilities that school has, that parents have, and that each child has. If we all work hard to fulfill these responsiblities, there will be a hugely positive impact upon the learning and well-being of the children.

We have revised our Home-School Agreement for September 2015, and the version downloadable here is a draft. There will be further consultation with staff, children and parents, and we are aiming to finalise it in late-September. We're putting the draft online, though, because we are interestyed in your views - a Survey will go out in September to gather your feedback.