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welcome to audrey's diner!


Our experienced staff prepare tasty meals for our children, based around the menus devised by Sunderland Schools' Catering Service. The menus are appealing and varied, and at the same time offer high nutritional standards. All of the meals are freshly cooked - with great care and attention - on site at GPS.

Our kitchen team of 4 staff is led by Audrey, an experienced and talented cook who has transformed the quality of lunches since she joined us in 2012.

The new menu for the academic year 2017-18 can be viewed or downloaded here (pdf file).

Every day we have a fresh salad bar, plus freshly baked bread. We also have milk or cooled mineral water available, so that the children can have a refreshing drink with their meal.

The price of a school meal is £2.00. This is one of the lowest priced school meals both regionally and nationally - but there is certainly no compromise on quality. In terms of value for money and quality, the school meal provision in Sunderland is hard to beat.

You can't beat GPS school dinners!

Here's a message from Sunderland schools' catering service, about the new menus:

We are changing from a 3 week menu cycle to a 4 week cycle which we believe will ensure a greater variety of choices throughout the year.  

We will need any requests for special diets (in the form of a letter from Dietetics dept of City Hospitals or from G.P) as soon as possible in order to have these in place ready for the start of term. This includes any new intake pupils. If we do not get the request until the very beginning of term there may be a delay before we can start providing meals for the child. If this can be communicated to parents at the same time as confirmation of the price for KS2 pupils then hopefully this will avoid any late requests for special diet provisions. 

The menu has been devised to meet the standards of Food for Life catering Mark (Bronze Award). Food for Life is a national organisation that promotes a core ethos of healthy, tasty and sustainable food. We can assure you that

  1. Our food does not contain any undesirable additives, trans fats or genetically modified (GM) ingredients
  2. The majority of our dishes are cooked from scratch using unprocessed ingredients
  3. We will only use meat that is UK farm assured (Red Tractor) meaning that it is fully traceable and ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare
  4. We only use free range eggs
  5. We use predominantly local suppliers.