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Grangetown Primary

Our School Council

School Council 2023-24

The School Council

  • Enables all children to contribute to the development and improvement of their school community.
  • Shows the children that their opinions matter, and that they can 'make a difference'.
  • Helps the children understand the importance of discussion, negotiation, cooperation and so on, in bringing about change.
  • Helps our pupils grow in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Helps to make our school a happy and harmonious place, within which everyone is valued.


  • Full School Council meetings are held approximately monthly, with smaller offshoot meetings as required for special projects and events.
  • School Council members take notes at the meetings, and then update their own classes as to the latest School Council news..
  • In meetings, School Council members can feedback on the views of their classmates.

Recent School Council Activities and Projects 

  • Autumn 2023: Our new School Council introduced our two Harvest Festivals, including introducing each class. They did a great job!
  • Summer 2023: The children on the Council met with Miss Holyoak, to discuss the suggestions from each class for our 'playground expectations/rules'. These will be used to have some new playground signs made. The children made a range of fantastic suggestions!
  • Spring 2023: Our School Council members judged the entries to our Easter Egg Design Competition, and picked a winning entry for each class. The children took great care in making their decisions!
  • Autumn 2022: Our School Council members judged the entries to our GPS Christmas Card competition, and picked the winning entries from each class. They evaluated the entries very carefully, and too great care in reaching their decisions.
  • Autumn 2022: When Ofsted visited, members of our School Council met with the Inspector to show her around school and talk about life at GPS. The children were polite and knowledgeable - the inspector was very impressed!
  • Autumn 2022: The School Council acted as narrators and presenters for our Harvest Festival Assemblies. They did a fabulous job!