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Grangetown Primary

Year 4 - Mrs bracknall & mrs mitchell



Welcome to Year 4 - Mrs Bracknall & Mrs Mitchell

Important things to remember:

  • Please remember to bring in reading books and home/school diaries every day. They will be checked and signed every Monday.
  • Violins and Cellos need to be brought in to school on a Tuesday.
  • Football with Arj is on a Wednesday lunchtime. Please bring football kits to school to change into.
  • Our P.E. day is a Tuesday. Children may come to school dressed in their jogging bottoms with their school tops. 
  • New spellings will be given out on a Friday, therefore spelling books should be returned on a Friday. Children will be tested on their spellings on a Friday and the result will be written in their spelling book.
  • Water bottles should be brought in to school every day.

Summer Term 


We have all been working so hard on our times tables all year, with lots of us achieving our gold star award and rock star status. Our hard work paid off last week when we all completed our multiplication tables check.

We have also been learning about money in Maths. We’ve been great at applying their knowledge of decimals to recording money. We also compared money and worked out money problems.

As part of the Changing Me unit in PSHE,  we have been learning about how different characteristics are passed to us and how we are all special and unique. We played a variety of games and everyone had some really meaningful discussions with each other. 




The children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in tennis sessions. They spent time working on throwing and catching the ball whilst maintaining control. They then built up to practising rallies with a partner. They showed great perseverance throughout the afternoon 🎾.



We've had a fantastic start to the Summer term already!

This week, we have been designing our posters for our new behaviour initiative, ‘The Grangetown Way.’ The children put a lot of thought into their designs and there were some fabulous end results!

In our first online safety lesson of the Summer term we discussed how technology can be a distraction, in both a positive and negative way. We acted out scenarios involving completing a task while using technology. We found that most of the time the technology negatively impacted everyday tasks such as sleeping, eating and getting to school. We then had to focus our attention on completing only one task at a time.


Spring Term


We had such a blast during Science Week, which has been our best Science Week yet! We had a fantastic electricity afternoon, learning all about circuits and exploring and making our own. We also created a poster for the British Science Week poster competition. Our highlight though was our Science Buddies science workshop.  We completed a variety of experiments involving vinegar and baking soda. What a fun-filled session for us budding scientists.

Y4BM Science Buddies 24



We had the opportunity to visit the Maritime Heritage Centre in the east end today. It was very interesting learning all about the ships that they have replica models of, as well as different items from a variety of ships.  We learned all about how the shipbuilding industry shaped Sunderland, as well as the history of shipbuilding itself. We all got a chance to showcase our skills of hammering the nails and throwing the monkey fist ball  of rope through the lifebuoy too.

Year 4 BM Maritime Heritage Feb 2024



We spent time making our new targets for the term ahead. We all thought carefully about the things we wanted to achieve and shared them with each other in class and some of us were chosen to share these with the school in assembly. We are reaching for the stars ✨


Autumn Term

October - Freeze Frames


The children recounted the Mayan Battle of Quirigua by creating fabulous freeze frames in preparation for their letter writing next week.

October - Visit to St Aidan's Church



This week, year 4 visited St Aidan's Church where Father David taught us all about Baptism. We had a wonderful time looking at all of the items used in the ceremony and watching Dave, the minion, being baptised.

September - Fire Safety

This month, the Year 4 children had a very important lesson from a visitor from the fire service. They learned that prevention is vital and by being careful, they could stop fires from starting in the first place. Important lessons that the children learned included being careful if using portable heaters, not playing with matches, and not overloading electrical sockets, Children were also given a Home Fire Safety Workbook to help them become ‘fire detectives’ and to pass on their safety messages. 

September - Science


In science, the Y4 are learning all about ‘States of Matter’. We have been finding out about solids, liquids and gases and how different materials can change state. This week, we experimented with some non-Newtonian liquids – slime! We had lots of fun observing what happened when we squashed, bounced and stretched the slime to see how it acted!

September - New Outdoor Gym



We had a wonderful time today using the new gym equipment that has been installed during the summer holidays. 

September - Swimming

 Our class will be swimming this half term at Southmoor! We can't wait to start our lessons this week.