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Grangetown Primary

Year 6 - Mrs millican


Welcome to Year 6! 

We have a lovely class of  children who are all very excited about the wonderful activities in store for them in their final year of primary school. 

Some important reminders:

  • PE is on a Friday. Children should come to school in full PE kit (navy shorts or joggers and a plain white T-shirt). All jewellery should be removed prior to PE lessons.
  • Children should bring their reading book to school each day and should have it signed by an adult at least three times each week.
  • Homework is given on a Friday and should be returned by the following Thursday. 
  • Please remember to bring a water bottle to school each day.

Summer 2

 The Lambton Estate

Some of our year 6 children were given the wonderful opportunity to visit the Lambton Estate to find out all about the different jobs people have to keep the Estate running smoothly. We all met the herd of police horses and had a tour of the amazing police horse boxes. We then met the gamekeeper who showed us the orchard and different types of trees in the woods. The children all helped the gardener by planting some flowers in the borders of the gardens. We also went into  the estate offices and looked at some of the old documents from 1830. In the afternoon, the children went for a tour of Biddick Hall which is now used as a wedding venue. We had a fantastic day!

Summer 1

 We are sailing...

Twelve of our Y6 children were given the fantastic opportunity to sail from North Shields along the River Tyne on board the James Cook yacht. They met the crew and learned all about the yacht. The children were shown how to tie and untie ropes safely and how to move about the yacht in a safe way using harnesses and clips which kept them tethered to the yacht at all times.  The children helped to prepare the sails and make sure that the ropes were kept neat and tidy. All of the children were given the opportunity to take the helm of the yacht and steer it along the river. The children really enjoyed sleeping in their berths.  Everyone had a fabulous time, learning new skills and working really well as part of a team.


The Year 6 children have worked so hard this year and are now very happy to celebrate the end of SATs week. Everyone tried their very best and we are proud of them all!

Spring 2

Sunderland College


As part of science week, a group of year 6 children had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Bede Campus to take part in a range of science workshops. We first visited the Igloo classroom which had amazing 360° videos and images from all around the world. The children ‘visited’ Mount Everest, went back in time to meet the dinosaurs and even went into the ocean, deep sea diving. The children then took part in a science workshop discussing and designing what we could do to help sustain Sunderland in the future. Finally, the children all made their own clocks by experimenting with wires and weights to make pendulums which would swing in seconds. The children had an absolutely fantastic time!

World Book Day


The children had a wonderful day today designing and creating their own t-shirts to show their favourite book or character. They also took part in a class swap where they read stories with children from Mrs Roberts class in year 2. The children really enjoyed reading together.

Spring 1

World War 2 Day






This half term we are reading 'When the Sky Falls.' This is a narrative set during WW2. 

Autumn 2

Parent workshop - 20.12.23

The children thoroughly enjoyed having their parents and carers in class with us today for a Christmas themed craft workshop. We made some lovely keepsakes including a snowman tree bauble. A lovely afternoon was had by all. 


This half term we have been learning about keeping our heart healthy. We discussed the impact of our diet and exercise and discussed what a healthy lifestyle looks like. In order to understand the impact that exercise has on our heart rate, we took our resting pulse then went outside and completed a series of excercises before taking our pulse again.

Autumn 1

 Visit from Sarah Millington - 25.9.23

Year 6 enjoyed a visit from author Sarah Millington who spoke to the children about her new book 'Demelza Rice is not very nice.' The children asked lovely questions and were able to share their own aspirations for the future. 

 Visit to Beamish - 16.10.23

As part of our History topic on the Victorin's, we went on a visit to Beamish Museum. We took part in a Victorian lesson - the teacher was extremely strict! We were shocked at some of the rules in the classroom. Children weren't allowed to write with their left hand, they couldn't rest their elbows on the tables and they had to address the teacher by 'sir' at all times. We also visited the pit cottages where we learnt about a week in the life of the wife of a miner. We took a trip down the mines before catching a tram to the old town.