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Grangetown Primary

Learning FRENCH


French at GPS

At Grangetown, children learn French from year 1 to year 6. Our children are taught by our specialist French teacher - Madame Blackett - for an hour a week.

You can find detailed information on our French curriculum on our subject page for French. 

Songs, stories and rhymes are a popular way to reinforce vocabulary. In Key Stage 1, Thierry Tricolore - our French friend - visits and encourages the children to respond to him in French as he does't speak English! Here he is:








Games are a fun way to encourage learners to participate. Each class has their favourite and they always love to beat the teacher! In Key Stage 2, we focus on French phonics. We learn actions for each of the phonic sounds which are unfamiliar. This helps our children to feel confident when reading aloud a French word or sentence. 








Grammar is also a focus in our French lessons in Key Stage 2. There is a strong link to English lessons and we ensure that we use the same terminology to further embed grammatical concepts.

The culture of France and the rest of the French-speaking world features in our French lessons. Children love to learn about places to visit and the experiences of children in other parts of the world. 

Our Annual French Day!

We hold an annual French day at GPS. This is a whole day off timetable when our children experience a variety of cultural activities. Visitors help with the day including friend of the school, native French speaker, storyteller extraordinaire and football coach Nathalie Paris. Language students from Southmoor Academy help with the day and join in with workshops. Food tasting is always a favourite activity!  







GPS Win National Competition!

The Institut Français, which promotes French language and culture worldwide, holds an annual French Pop Video competition in Summer 2020. We worked very hard to decide on a theme for the song, write the lyrics and record a video. Our song 'Où Allez vous?' was based on the work children were doing on the rain forest with their class teacher. We were thrilled to win the primary-aged competition. Take a look and see what you think!