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Grangetown Primary

PE Days / PE Kit


Your child's PE Days for Summer Term 2024 are:

  • Nursery - Tuesday mornings.
  • Reception -Tuesday mornings.
  • Year 1CT - Wednesday afternoons.
  • Year 1HF - Wednesday afternoons.
  • Y2NR - Tuesday afternoons.
  • Y2OL - Monday afternoons.
  • Year 3NB - Friday afternoons.
  • Year 4BM - Tuesday afternoons.
  • Year 4EH - Thursday afternoons.
  • Year 5JR - Monday afternoons.
  • Year 6LM - Friday afternoons.
  • Year 6AM - Friday afternoons.

P.E. Kit

  • For PE, the children should wear plain black, blue (any shade of blue) or white shorts, or a plain black gym skirt for girls, and a plain white, blue or black T-shirt. Note that from September 2024 our kit will be plain white t-shirts and plain black shorts, both of which we now sell in school (plain gym skirts are still of course fine for girls)..
  • Football tops, and multi-coloured or striped shorts, are not part of our PE Uniform. 
  • Footwear - trainers or plimsolls.
  • Some girls are wearing PE skirts with ‘built-in shorts’ – these are fine as an alternative to regular shorts.
  • From November 2023 we are allowing girls to wear leggings for PE - these should be plain black leggings with no branding or 'accessorising'.
  • If PE is outdoors, plain black jogging bottoms can be worn, plus a sweatshirt top. If a PE session is to be held outdoors, we will give you advance notice of this, including information of whether it will be on the playground or on the field.
  • For outdoor football sessions (or other outdoor sessions in damp conditions), all children will need appropriate footwear. These can be in the form of sturdy trainers, which may get very muddy, or football boots. They should be kept separate from other P.E. kit.
  • For outdoor football on grass – lunchtime or after school club – football boots are recommended. In very dry conditions, trainers are sometimes better – our teachers and coaches will provide advice in advance.

PE Kit - to sum-up:

Indoor PE

  • Plain black, blue or white shorts (will be just plain black shorts from September 2024)
  • Girls can wear a plain black gym skirt, if they wish.
  • Plain white, blue or black t-shirt (will be just a plain white t-shirt from September 2024)
  • Trainers or black plimsolls.
  • Girls can wear plain black leggings for PE, if they wish.

Outdoor PE

  • If PE is to be outdoors the teacher will always tell you in advance. Otherwise, you can assume it’s indoors.
  • Plain black or blue shorts (from September 2024 we are advising just plain black)
  • Plain white or blue t-shirt (from September 2024 we advise just plain white t-shirt)
  • Separate training shoes or football boots
  • If chilly – jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt may be needed – the teacher will advise if this is required. 

Wearing PE Kit on PE Days
We’re continuing our policy of allowing the children to wear PE kit to school on PE days. However, given the chilly weather, the children should wear plain black jogging bottoms and a school sweatshirt or jumper over the PE kit, to keep them warm. Please note that PE kit is a plain top & plain shorts, not football tops or football shorts or other overly branded items.

For health & safety reasons, jewellery must not be worn for school. This includes bracelets, necklaces & fancy earrings. If a parent wants their child to have pierced ears, a small, plain stud may be worn for school. Sparkly, gemstone type ear-rings are not permitted. Hooped and drop earrings are not allowed as these are a potential safety hazard. Studs must be removed for PE, or simply not worn on a PE day. If your child is unable to remove the stud, please ensure that it’s not worn on a PE day.